Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions on this page in the hope that people will stop asking them and we can focus on baking bread instead.

1. "Do you Deliver?"

We deliver to Airdrie and Coatbridge specifically to postcode areas ML5 and ML6.

2. "I haven't received my order?" or "When will my order arrive?"

It will be delivered the following day after you have placed your order. So if you order on a Monday you will receive it on a Tuesday and so on. However orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be delivered on the following Monday. We do not deliver on weekends. If it is a bank holiday Monday it will be delivered on the Tuesday.

3. "Do you have a menu?"

We don't have a menu as such as we sell over 150 products in our two high street shops so a menu would be difficult to list. But we have your family favourites from Domino cakes, Celebration cakes, Bread, Morning Rolls, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Biscuits, Scones, Small Cakes ............

We have a reduced range of our products available online. These are listed on the online shop.  

4. "When will Domino cakes be available?" 

Domino cakes are now available from the online store. Please be aware that despite any effort in packaging and care in delivery the Domino cake is likely to arrive with a sprinkle or two out of place so please take this in to account when placing your order.

5. ''Do accept cash?''

Cash and cards are both accepted in our shops.

The online shop takes card payment or Paypal only. 

6. "Can I order by telephone?"

I'm afraid not.  The bakery is not set up to take orders over the phone.  Please order from our online shop.  We get this question most often from our older customers who are not able to use services on the internet.  We suggest you ask a family member or friend who is able to use the internet to place an order on your behalf. This is due to GDPR guidelines.

7. "I ordered yesterday can I amend my order to add a product?"

The short answer is no.  This is because of the way the orders are taken and produced.  All of the previous days orders are combined at 4am and produced as part of our daily fresh production run.  A production run is where we combine all of the orders for sausage rolls (for example) and produce all of the sausage rolls in one go.  If we produced the products individually we would never be able to cope with the number of orders we get.   Because your order now part of the days production run, modifying your order at this point will just cause problems which will lead to mistakes and us upsetting you because we forgot something. 

8. "Can we deliver to Shotts, Gartcosh, the moon.......?" 

Christies has undergone a pretty radical transformation in order to do deliveries.  As well as getting an shop online together (the easy part), we have had to change the way we work in the bakery (the really hard part). Space is limited within the bakery now full service to the shops has resumed. We have in general kept our more local customers happy however it is for this reason it is not yet possible to offer deliveries to a broader area.  We are investigating a few options to extend the delivery service in the future so we will keep you posted. If family or friends would like to place an order from abroad to send products to love ones here, this is absolutely possible provided they are sending it to a postcode in ML5 or ML6.